Trials Classes Are A Gift

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Trial Classes are a Gift

Trial Classes are a Gift

Why are Trial Class a Gift? Because its a great opportunity for your audience to experience your brand, but its also a fantastic way of generating revenue for your business.

Right now, in the industry many providers have seen a drop-off in their numbers of participants. As we know there is a lot going on in the world right now, however the businesses owners that I’m working with right now are taking action. They’re not crying woe is me, using the cost-of-living crisis as an excuse to do nothing. Yes, I know we’re all feeling the pinch, but people are still spending their money. They’re just choosing where to spend it now.

In my recent Market Like A Pop Star 5 Day Challenge, providers commented that customers weren’t block booking due to the cost of living, but these were just assumptions, not based on fact.  It was in fact their mind monkeys or money mindset blocks playing games with their head due to the media hype around the situation.

I know one thing. It’s not for you to say where your customers will spend their money.  People are investing in their future and their kid’s future right now. I’ve just seen a business owner do over a million pounds in a recent launch and not one person in that Facebook group even mentioned money. That business owner showed their value and people purchased as it met their needs.

It’s your job to show your value, through your content, in your delivery, basically in everything you do, and meet the needs of your customer.  So, the customer can make an informed decision if they want to spend their money with you.

That’s why personal branding is so important right now. People aren’t buying from a brand and logo right now. They’re buying from people, and they want to see the person behind the business, they want to know why your business exists and what difference you will make to their child life. This is why you need to be visible. You need to build relationships with your customers and audience as it build the know, like and trust factor. This is what I teach through my Market Like A Pop Star Programme. 

If you’re facing the challenge of getting people to sign up for a block booking with you right now, then it’s time to try out some new ideas.

Trial classes could be your starting point as they are a Gift. You see, you need a lead magnet. What’s a lead magnet I hear you say. It’s a marketing tool that generates leads by offering a resource / activity for exchange of email address, contact details. In your case a person.

Now over the years I have heard providers say trials don’t work. That they attract the freebie hunters who jump from one class to the next. From my experience over the last year, I would say that it’s not that trial classes don’t work. I would say it’s your system that doesn’t work. You’ve not marketed it correctly to attract the right people and you don’t have a system in place to give you the best chance of converting them.

One of the biggest mistakes I see providers making is not marketing it like they mean it. They offer trial classes and expect people to just know about it. It doesn’t work like that. You must put all your marketing energy organically and into paid ads to promote that trial. It should be a call to action on every piece of content that you create. You must talk about it, through your lives, stories and reels and get up every morning and think what I am going to do today to promote my trial classes. You keep doing this until your classes are full. There is no taking your foot off the gas.

Right now, I’m helping my clients to fill their classes using the free trial class as a lead magnet and we’re getting great results. I’ve been teaching my simple strategy to them all and conversion rates are 60% plus. Once you know your conversion rate, it simply becomes a numbers game i.e. if you get 10 trials booked, 2 don’t show up, 8 attended and 4 converted then you have a conversion rate of 50% you now know that for every 10 trials you will convert 4. The aim of the game is to improve that conversion rate.

My gut instinct right now is telling me that businesses owners who can move quickly, adapt and meet the needs of their customers will be the ones who survive this economic climate.

If trial classes are something you have never used before, just remember it doesn’t have to be forever. They can be switched on and off as and when you need them. It’s just a mechanism to bring people into your world. The starting point of the customer journey. Trial Classes are a Gift and you should use them.

I’ve been asked by a lot of providers if I would share my strategy, so I created a presentation and recorded a 15 minute training session for you. As a Gift from me to you, its available for just £5.99. This simple strategy, will give you the best chance of converting those trials into paid bookings. The link below, takes you straight to my shop.

Online Training: Convert Trial Classes Bookings into paid Bookings


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