Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt Awards Strategist
Emma Hewitt Awards Strategist

Emma Hewitt is a Business Awards Adviser helping you to get started with business awards and develop tools to write better applications.

About this supplier

With almost 20 years experience managing awards and scholarships, Emma helps business owners to boost their confidence and visibility through awards – recognising the little wins on the journey to a big win.

  • Work 1:1 – Award Application Review from £175 – support with a specific application you are working on
  • Work 1:1 – Build your own Award Document £375 -fast track your award prep and set deadlines for accountability. Complete 10 award questions and get feedback on your answers, with suggestions for evidence to support them. You will have the basis of your next award application ready to go!
  • Coming soon – a six week course on getting started with business awards “Winging it to winning it!”
  • Join the Better Business Awards Facebook Group for tips, advice and support
  • Free download 10 Top Tips for Applying for Business Awards
Emma Hewitt Awards Strategist