The Power of Creating a Memorable Experience for Children and Families

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I have an incredible story to share with you about a recent experience I had with my daughters. They performed in a production of Grease the School Edition here in the Isle of Skye, and it was unforgettable! As a parent, I wanted my girls to have this experience, and it turned out to be an excellent decision.

Ten weeks ago, my daughters auditioned for roles that involved singing and acting, and against older children, they gave it their all. Bronwynn, my eldest, was given the role of Vince, while Heidi, my youngest, was given four lines. I was nervous for Heidi, but she was thrilled with her part. For the past ten weeks, I’ve been driving back and forth to the village hall for rehearsals, and while it was pretty intense, it was worth it.

As a parent, I love musical theatre because it supports their education while building their confidence. My youngest struggles with reading and writing, and this experience was going to do her a world of good. My eldest takes everything in her stride, but she loved being a part of the cast and the experience. With so many of the older cast members going to the high school where she will attend in August, I knew it would be beneficial for her transition.

Finally, opening night arrived, and we were all excited. My partner and I were ready to see where all our hard-earned cash had gone. When Heidi came onto the stage for the opening scene, I just burst into tears. The show was fantastic, and we were bursting with pride. The leaders at the Performing Arts school had superpowers; they turned shy children into pop stars!

I wanted to share this experience with you to let you know that the work you do with children and their families matters. If you create an experience that will be remembered, just like the one we went through, then you will show the world your true value. And the best part? Money follows value.

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I know for a fact that we will continue our journey with the Performing Arts school here in Skye, and while it cost us a small fortune to be part of this production, we will definitely be signing up to do it all over again. Why? Because I’ve seen the impact that it’s had on my girls – their confidence has grown, they’ve made new friends, and my youngest learned all the words and songs for the whole show. No matter how good of a parent I am, I could not have done what that performing arts school did.

So, take it from me, invest in creating a memorable experience, and the rewards will follow!

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