Developing a Marketing System

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Developing an Integrated Marketing Activity System

Developing a Marketing System


It’s essential to have an integrated marketing activity system in place if you want to grow and scale your children’s activity business.

It’s true what they say, you can have the best ideas and products in the world, but unless you have the right tools in place to market and advertise your business, you will find it difficult to attract the kind of customers you need, in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Getting your foundations in place is essential if you want to grow and scale your business effectively.

So how do you market and advertise your business? What are the steps you need to take, what are the tools you need, and how do you put it all together into an effective marketing strategy that will get you seen and win you business?

In my new programme “Market Like A Pop Star Academy”, launching in June I will teach you my 4 stage marketing strategy in which you will discover the stepping stones you will need to tread, in order to build a solid foundation for your marketing and advertising.

You can join me for my FREE 5 Day Challenge which starts on Monday 23rd May. Registration opens on 1st May. In the mean time join me on Friday’s on Facebook for my Small, but Feisty Live at 1:00pm where each week I give FREE tips on how to start, grow and scale your business.

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Sometimes a short sharp blast of inspiration is what you need to help you regain your focus and get you back on track and back on target. At other times you may feel the need for something longer term, shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough.

Through to regular business mentoring you can have me one to one for as long as you need me to be there.


It’s difficult to find a network that has you and your business interests at heart, when trying to build your own brand, especially in such a competitive market place.

Work with me through my Children’s Activity Business Club. This is a fantastic way to come and work with me through my membership. Learn more about the club today by clicking the link below.


Learn without limits with my Digital Courses, aimed at entrepreneurs in their early stages of business development.

Download the courses that meet your needs and if you’re one of my Business Club members, send me your questions and we’ll cover them together in our monthly Q & A.